If you would like more in depth information on our research, the following pages provide summations of our active projects and links to all our published works.

Philosophy gives an overview of what are big questions are in this lab, and how we approach our investigation of them.

Current Projects gives some concise summaries of projects were are actively conducting.

Publications is a complete bibliographic reference of the peer-reviewed articles that have been generated by our lab, including links to DOI’s, altmetric information, and direct links to download the open-access PDF (when available). Please note, if you would like to read any of the articles to which you do not have access, please contact us.

Abstracts is a list of abstracts for presentations (talks & posters) given at professional meetings and annual conferences by group members and collaborators around work conducted in this lab. Links to the abstracts are provided (when available). [List only goes back to 2016].